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The Canadian Amputee Hockey Committee (CAHC) is Canadian Hockey?s best-kept secret. The team assembled by the committee is a true powerhouse ? undefeated in international competition, and the winners of 5 consecutive World Championships.

Help Us Build on the Momentum from
?The Drive For Five?
our Quest for Gold in the 2010 ISIHF World Championships in Montreal, QC

The CAHC?s remarkable success has been made possible through hard work and determination, and because of the continued support of generous sponsor and donors. We are continually looking for proud Canadians to join our team, willing to help ensure that Canadian hockey remains the best in the world.

Become a corporate sponsor for one of Canada's most successful teams...the Canadian Amputee Hockey Team.

To be able to continue it?s winning ways, the CAHC needs to raise $150,000. While providing essential support, sponsors will have the opportunity to benefit from the CAHC in many ways. These benefits include, but are not limited to, positive corporate positioning and branding both nationally and internationally, increased internal awareness and employee morale through exclusive invitations for management and employees to participate in CAHC training camps, use of the CAHC logo and images in advertising and promotional material, potential exclusive use of players in advertising campaigns, access to our members for speaking engagements, prominent web site placement and media coverage.

The CAHC has set out specific goals through 2013:
  • May 2010 - The Drive For Five
    Fifth Consecutive Gold Medal at the ISIHF World Championships, Montreal, QC
  • June 2010 - Implementation of Regional Development Program
    Establishment of Regional Senior and Junior Teams with regionalized training programs
  • October 2010 through March 2011 - Regional & Junior Camps held across the country
  • April 2011 ? CAHC Regional Showcase Tournament, Kitchener, ON
  • 2012 ? ISIHF World Championships, Finland
  • 2013 - First North American Standing Amputee Hockey Championship
    Semi-annual Championship between CAHC Regional Teams and Teams from the United States
Fund Usage
Sponsorship funds will be used immediately for relief of travel costs for all players attending the World Championships. In the long term, the CAHC will direct funds towards the development of infrastructure for our Regional Development Program, and the implementation of an ?advertising? initiative, including annual attendance at national conferences attended by therapeutic and medical professionals, a greater presence in therapeutic clinics and hospitals, and an outreach program for wounded veterans, all aimed at boosting CAHC program awareness and membership.

The Canadian Amputee Hockey Committee?s mission is to develop Standing Amputee Ice Hockey in Canada for recreational participation at both the junior and senior levels, regardless of age, gender, race or physical ability, and the development of a National Team Program to proudly represent Canada at all International Standing Ice Hockey Federation (ISIHF) World Championships. This unique hockey program will offer an environment for all persons with amputations to interact with peers, while gaining confidence through sport.

Sponsorship Requirement
Our National Program requires $345,000 per year to operate. Through the dedication of our members, approximately 50% of that need is met through donations in-kind. The CAHC has set a minimum fundraising goal of $150,000 for the 2010 ? 2011 season.

Corporate Leaders
We are seeking Canadian corporate leaders who wish to commit to a sustained National Program sponsorship.

Elite  $100,000 per year x 5 years
Platinum  $50,000 per year x 5 years

Corporate Sponsors (One time sponsorship)
Gold $25,000 and above
Silver $10,000 and above
Bronze $5,000 and above
Team Canada Fan up to $5,000

Sponsorship Benefits
We feel very strongly that each sponsorship opportunity is as unique as the sponsor. We look forward to discussing with you ways to maximize your sponsorship commitment, and to ensure that it is mutually beneficial. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased positive corporate image through the association with World Champions who have overcome remarkable challenges
  • Increased corporate profile within the sports community, both nationally and internationally
  • Positive corporate positioning through the use of the CAHC logo and images in advertising and promotional material
  • Increased internal awareness and employee morale through exclusive invitations for management and employees to participate in CAHC training camps across the country
  • Potential exclusive use of players in advertising campaigns
  • Access to our members for corporate speaking engagements
  • Prominent web site placement
  • Local and national media coverage
The support of donors is a fundamental part of the success of all of our programs. Your continued generosity is appreciated.
Elite $25,000 and above
Platinum $10,000 to $25,000
Gold $5,000 to $10,000
Silver $1,000 to $5,000
Bronze $500 to $1,000
Team Canada Fan up to $500

The Canadian Amputee Hockey Committee is a committee of the non-profit Canadian Amputee Sports Association (CASA), proud members of the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC). Due to the CAHC?s status as a Canadian Amateur Athletic Association, we can only issue tax receipts to our Donors, however, we would be happy to discuss any combination of Sponsor/Donor levels.

Got Questions? Click here to contact a CAHC representative.



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